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All-Terrain Tyres That Say Bring It

The precise tread pattern, longer tread life, and tougher side walls on All-Terrain tyres, which are standard on the RANGER Raptor, say Bring It – no matter what type of terrain you plan on engaging.


Terrain Management System with 6 precision modes

Forget limits! The RANGER Raptor brings it with a cutting-edge Terrain Management System. It offers six pre-set driving modes to power through any terrain – all at the turn of a dial. Inspired by the Baja 1000 Desert Race, the RANGER Raptor’s Baja Mode dials down traction, improves responsiveness and shifting speed, and optimises the RANGER Raptor’s performance on high-speed desert runs.

Magnesium Paddle Shifters

Rugged and conveniently placed, the high-quality magnesium paddle shifters mounted on the perforated leather steering wheel allows for fast shifting – without you having to take your hands off the wheel.

Take Control

Tough off-road conditions? Hauling heavy loads? Bring It in the RANGER Raptor with its Electronic Stability Programme which is designed to help you take command and keep control no matter what mission you are on.

Rugged Good Looks

Bold design, like the block-letter grille, muscular haunches, and frame mounted bumper gives the RANGER Raptor its imposing stature. LED fog lamps with air-curtain ducts enhance the aerodynamics, while the tailgate features an integrated bumper. The uniquely-styled towbar includes electrical connectors, and the 3D badging says ‘Bring It’ at a glance.

Military Precision Performance Steering System

It’s the little things that help you Bring It in the RANGER Raptor. Take the perforated leather hand grips on the colour-threaded steering wheel which ensures you’re always in control. Or, the red centring strip at the top centre of the wheel to help you keep your tyre direction and give you military precision when turning or cornering in tricky situations.


Ford Performance Blue (Metallic)
Conquer Grey (Metallic)
Frozen White (Solid)
Shadow Black (Metallic)
Colorado Red (Solid)

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